Romance and Musings

A rainy start


She woke up to the sound of a gush of water, she thought she was near some stream, but yes, of course, she was in her senses and she knew she was at her home. It was almost early morning and she could feel the breeze through her window which was left open. The wind was actually playing with her window, the cold winds giving her chills, she just held her blankets close to herself and the blanket was giving warmth to her body wherever it rubbed. Still, she could feel the soft touch of the wet breeze caressing her feet, her ears, and her nose.

She focussed more on the outside. Thunder and lightning and in the darkness of the night when the lightning strike, she saw the downpour of the rain. Rain -something she loved the most. Rain filled her heart with loving memories. Memories which she never lived again, but cherished forever in her heart. She sat inside her cozy room snuggled in the blankets watching her world outside through the window. The black bars on the window kept her away from the rain, yet her memories could flow well as it was not caged.

She remembered the moments she had a ride on the bike with her love completely drenched in the rain. The drenched body, her lips, and hands and the romantic ride in the heart of the city. The walk under the shady trees, holding an umbrella with his hands holding her close to him. She felt like reliving the moment again.She felt the goosebumps.

She comforted herself in the warmth of her pillow and the blankets, watching the rain as the rays of the sun started to lit up the world. She got up and as she put her legs down, the chilled floor gave a chilling effect on her feet and she felt a cold current pass into her. She stood and walked out of her room and then opened the door. The beauty of the drenched green leaves, the wet sand, the smell of the wet sand and the fresh morning was marvelous.

It was still raining, she sat there watching the drops of water falling from the sky as it finally ended. Still, the roofs had little droplets dripping down from the top, making a hole in the sand in a raw.

She sat and watched for a while lost in her dreams and memories.

Romance and Musings

Being mommy



I was looking through old photographs of my lovely little daughter after her arrival in our life. 

The moment she was born, I was so excited to see her, I forgot all the pain and tension and the world around me. It was only her , seeing her well lit face , brought sunshine into my life. I touched her hands and legs tenderly ,so soft and smooth. Her eyes all closed as she was sleeping in my arms, I wanted her beside me in my arms forever.

Whenever I hear her sounds, I was excited. When she cries, I sit wondering how to calm her cry because I never knew what to do , and of course my mom came for rescue in such situations. I was learning being a mother, how to do , what to do and when to do.

Its true that whenever a child is born a mother is born too, and mothers are learning in every stage how to be a better mom. All mothers love unconditionally their kids , and I realize how much I love her whenever I look into her eyes , I can see the happiness , the protectiveness , the  love , the care  , the feel  and when I hold her closely to my heart. 

First few weeks were totally a mess in my life, never knew where to start , and what to do, and by following the expert advises from  my mom and grand mom , I could succeed to little bit.

The sleepless nights ,the wetting beds , all those troubles transforms into loving memories , when our kids grow up and it becomes the best stories in life which we lived through. All mothers feel so proud to tell about their kids, how they are are , what they are . For every Mother , their kid will be the naughtiest and the sweetest and cutest. 

Love to all  mothers . Motherhood is a true blessing.