Escaping from the dampness of my sorrows


He felt like a wind that soothed my heart

his hands were caressing my hair that was battling in the wind

he held me closer to his arms, wiping my tears

as I said him the bitterness of my life

he held tightly and squeezed me in his arms

I could read his emotions from the way he depicted it

he couldn’t resolve my past

yet he wished I was not drowned in it

he loosened his hands when he felt I was stable

I realised how strong I felt with him near me

his hands held me not letting me fall off

I could feel his love in his hug

he unwrapped my sorrows from the past

dissolving it in the love he had for me

letting me escape from the dampness of the sorrows.

I love the nights….


Night is always young

the view outside my window was the prettiest

the plants lit up by the moonlight

the sands shining like silver in the bright moonlight

the stars twinkling up in the night sky guiding someone who has lost their way

the beauty of the night was augmenting

the beauty of the nature in the moon light was impeccable

everything had a silver taunt

the fireflies made the grasses more attractive ornating them with their golden light

the night owls echoed giving the night a provoking touch

I loved the nights, the darkness always attracted me

It was like my soul – deep and hidden

as the day sees the unreal me, the nights knew the real me

the nights were my companion in sorrows and happiness

the nights stood all along, giving me enough time to revive

the nights fulfilled my dreams

the nights taught me to love the darkness

I loved the ambiguity that a night brings in one’s life

an uncertain day ahead that was unpredictable

I wanted to soak myself in the darkness and shine silvery like the nature in the moonlight

And in the dawn wake up in the misty land showered in dew drops

the purest form of water

I wish I was the night who can comfort a lonely soul….

The beach side


Her dreams were vague and discreet.

She didn’t realize she was dreaming, as she could feel the freshness of the salty winds and the breeze touching and flaunting her hair.The feel was so fresh, that she felt like running deep into the sea to soak herself in the mesmerizing water.

But something held her back.

She sat there watching the waves touching the white sand washing away all the dirt as it goes back into the sea. It was like love overflowing. The wetness remains even when the sea goes off, and the sand lay still eagerly waiting for the touch of the salty water.

As she kept gazing at those waves, dancing in front of her, she smiled and looked at the horizon. She wished to be there, at the end of the world, if it existed. She wanted to be the migratory birds, flying away every season, in search of a new home. She wanted to be a rolling stone, that gathers no moss but carries everything in the heart. She felt the need to be a sea, where the water is not tangled, but sweeps all the dirt and sorrows away from one’s mind.

The feeling was so strange, she craved to be everything else where she cannot have anyone with her.The need for freedom to be on her own was at the most.Yes, but she was shackled by the chains of love and the care she received in her world, which is surely different from her Utopian kingdom.

She decided, that dreams are meant to be realistic, live the life as she wanted, but in real not in the dream. She embraced the truth and let go what she had in her mind. She walked closely to the beach side, the wind and the waves were whispering to her, inviting her to join the dream world, but she knew what she needs to choose.

As she stood there, the waves came and swallowed her, for a moment everyone thought she was gone. But the waves took only her wings and dreams giving her a new life to live, the real one which was sure to give her unending happiness.

The waves returned to the sea the same way, carrying all she had, but there she was all smiling because for a moment she lived the life underwater and now she can live happily, and not like a fish out of the water.

She ran back to her loved ones, hugged and kissed them and decided not to let go of them. She looked back and missed her dreamy side, but she was happy and content. Dreams are never shackled, she could still dream. As she lay closing her eyes, the dreams returned to her, giving her beautiful dream as a gift.

Dreams never let go .

Live to the fullest

Paint with me, my life

share the joys and sorrows with me

caress me with the love and the soft touch of your warm hands

love me like never before 

Fill the life in the mesmerizing colors and take a jolly ride with me in the ups and downs of my life.

Every love is desirable in the journey of life

But a few remains in the heart forever cherished and buried under the burdens of life 

unseen to the world outside.

I wish not to share my pain, but my happiness a lot

Worry not about what the world says

listen to what your soul says

whisper in the heart wants you to enjoy the depth of life

love and love me forever 

because life is only once 

never miss a second as second chances are rarest to get.


Every soul in the universe craves for the best. The rhythm of the words that it rings in the ears of the heart, live every moment to the fullest as it cannot happen again.

An unending love story

She lay there hugging him tightly, without any air gaps… the drops of her tears were dripping on him. She could not even think of a time to be away from him. The thought made chills in her body.

She spoke to him all night, in the same way as she did every day. the hugs, the kisses, and the cuddles continued …But today she was sad.. upset..he didn’t say anything, waiting for her to open up.. like every time.

She found him as the companion from her childhood, a shoulder to cry, to love, to be loved and be cuddled. She never wanted him to say anything..but just listen. The warmth and presence he could give her were beyond words.

There were nights when she cried all along and slept off on his shoulders, he was her ears..who listened to all the nonsensical word she spoke or left unspoken. The sorrows overflowed from her when she was with him.

Everything seemed so perfect between them, the way he supported her through tough times and the happy times he let her share the joy with a cuddle.The perfect relation in the world, where one never demands the other for anything.

She was never tired of him, always wanted his presence, but at times they lay idle without any overflowing emotions.. but she just received a comfort from him… a support which she needed forever in her life.

One day as she returned to her room, she could not find him…she shouted and called him out… but as usual the response was silence, he was never a talking one..he responded with presence .. a great listener to her soul.

Finally, she ran out of her room, to find that he was playing with her kids..she ran and sat next to them..watching them lovingly… and said,

” Can mamma take the pillow, mamma needs to set the bed please”

And finally with lots of pulling and pushing..he was in her hands..and she went directly inside..put her loving pillow(her favorite) onto her side that she can continue to receive his support all night to sleep.

And before she left the room… she said

Hey, Mr. Pillow ….never leave me.