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The reflection of a mom

The reflection seemed painful. She never knew she will be looking more like this after a great blessing in her life. Her body and mind were not in sync. Thoughts cluttering her mind, sometimes making her weep, sometimes making her happy and sometimes angry. She was unsure about the emotions happening inside her. Her reflection also angered and upsets her…she felt it was not her…but then who is she now…
She is now a Mother.
She looked again at the reflection.
No matter what her skin looks like.
She had the gem in her arms.
No matter her size.
Nothing might her fit her again like earlier…but she was home to her child.
No matter what her mind is beguiling her …
She has beautiful eyes, looking at her as if she is the only one it belongs to.
She wiped her tears, hugging the only jewelry she adorned 💎💎.