She …(part -1)

A cold morning, she was snuggled under the blanket. It was almost five in the morning. Time to wake up, A whole day awaiting her. She was still struggling to wake up from her dreamland. All she wanted was to sleep.

As the alarm started to ring, she battled with her mind, one side who doesn’t want to wake up, the other who has responsibilities awaiting her.

Finally in the usual way, accomplishing waking her up, her brain spreads a smile. She wakes up, praying and checking on her alarm clock. Her lovely kids beside her – as she looks at them – her face explodes a smile while her brain lets her think – ” oh !! god, what is today’s menu ?”

Again with lots of pain and discomfort, she leaves her comfy bed, sliding a pillow on to the side, so that her daughter doesn’t fall off. As she walks out of her room, her thoughts keep wandering, blabbering to her mind -” Remember the times you were scared of darkness, you were always afraid to go into a dark room, now look at you, you are awake when the whole world is silent.”

At the thought of it, she smiles, feeling proud.

She brushes and gets ready herself for a walk . Something she loves to enjoy…..she puts on her favourite song to play, plugs in her headphones and then puts on her shoes… and as she is all set walks to the door, locking it and confirming again pushing it once with her soft palms.

She walks into the darkness, soft breeze welcoming her to the early hours of the day.

It was the time, of her own…

the time she talks to the wind

the time she talks to her heart

she walks along the path as if she was flying

waving her hands

as she walks

which slowly brushes her hips

it was the time she is awakened completely.

By the time she ends her walk, she has a solid blueprint of her plan for the day.

She is all set for the day…..

(to be contd….)


Bedtime story for mama :)



Yea, that is true ,my cutie pie ,told me a story to put me to sleep .

I was down with headache and then I wanted to take rest, but not easier when my kid is around. Even then , I didn’t want to sleep before feeding her , at least she will let me take rest then. After I was done with her dinner , I went to bed , but due to pain forgot to tell her am going to sleep , and she was busy playing.

After five or ten minutes , I heard her call out for me. In one part , I was so happy to see that , she can never be without me, but on the other side , I wanted little bit of silence.Even then , she came over to me, looking for me all around the house. In spite of her dad telling her not to disturb me, she was adamant that she wanted to be with me. And of course I never denied , as my heart dominated me.

I tried to relax, but it was difficult ,as she was keeping on murmuring to me, hugging me with her one hand around my neck which anyways I was loving. She kept on telling me stories about her school, her favorite cartoon ‘peppa pig’ and doing magic in between like the princess Holly in ‘ben and holly’s lil kingdom’ . 

I kept listening and listening, and in between her dad comes and tell her to be quite, and then she murmur in my ear ,still she didn’t want to stop it. And later the tittle-tattle  became louder, but I didn’t know when I drifted to sleep with her head resting on my shoulder. 

Its a blessing that I have lovely, caring and wonderful daughter in the whole wide world. When I was struggling to relax, she relaxed my mind with her sweet stories. Love you always.

Bed time story


For past few days , a story has become an unavoidable thing in our bedroom before sleep.

Earlier , when every other parents used to say that, we need to read out a story to our kids , its good for them . Everyone  told me that there were few benefits like ,the first and the foremost kids sleep early , secondly they learn many things through stories and as such many more.

I too thought that , its best way to put her to sleep , I kept trying for many months , and the outcome was total waste of my sleep , because instead my daughter ,it was me who was getting sleepier.

The moment I start to read out a book for her, she snatches it from me and start looking at the pictures and do not allow us to put off the lights until she finishes looking at it at least 5 times  over n over .Then I realized that book was not a good enough idea , so another idea popped up that I will memorize a few stories n tell her.

As I was not a good story teller , I couldn’t memorize or tell her any kind of stories  and it all ended up in a total mess. As such my imagination doesn’t work that well at night especially when am off to bed . I was so ashamed ,that what a mom I was ? Can’t even tell a story to her .So as usual I stopped thinking about it , because , it never gave me any conclusion other than am a failure in story telling. 

I decided not to force her, but one afternoon, as she was watching her favorite stories in TV , I noticed that she was concentrating on the narration ,so I quickly checked out the story, its kind of , I got used to those stories now , as they were being played at least fifty times in our house. That night I told her a story and she slept listening to it , if even I paused , she asked me why did I stop, so I understood she was interested and it made me more happy.

One thing I learnt was that , trying to force something on kids doesn’t help , better is to wait and watch , when the time comes , they will surely follow what we wanted them to do.