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Break Away

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Every morning the alarms ring, reminding her childhood days, where it was her mom calling her out to wake up.  She wished for those days, to return, where she could slip back into the blanket and sleep more cosy on those early winter mornings.

But, shaken by the world she lives currently, she wakes up and hurries to the busy world, which never stops or let her stop.

But, her thoughts were always busy – she thought what if I stop, for a while?

Will it bother anyone around her or even cause her to fall back?

She never got those answers…

As she hurdled in those thoughtful mornings, where she craved for a warm cup of tea, extended by someone…..but there were none to offer her one.. as the real world is never magical.

She went ahead preparing her cup of tea… as her tummy awaited for those warm drippings to touch the bowel system. She hurried, to silence the nature calls and the cravings for a sip of tea, which always brought in thousands of memories of every stage in her life.

For once, like every other girl, she wanted to grow soon to be independent….

but she thought – Is she really independent – other than cooking her own food?

her choices are adulterated 

her dreams are adulterated

her future is adulterated 

her speech is adulterated

there is nothing, where she was alone. Everything she did was adulterated with others choices, dreams, life and even words. What was she doing, for her own self?

Even when these thoughts mumbled in her brain, her hands never stopped , her chores.. She ran errands, doing everything everyone wanted.

her day, went on … until the moment she gets on her own time…but when is it?

Everyone assumed she could take a break and relax when all went on for their own duties… but really does she take a break- the shaken world never lets her relax. She works on other things required for all.

She went on and on and on…. until she decided SHE NEED A BREAK.

Yes, A Break from life – it will be her deathbed.





I am like the weather

at times calm,

at times pleasant

at times the worst 

at times the dull one

you can either contain a drop of me

you can never encapsulate me 

the moment am dropped like the rain I spread across

I can bring hailstones upon you

or the sweet little droplets of the coolest rain

never trust my patience, never take me granted

I have ambitions, do not let me bury it

I sleep with a smile or with a broken heart

yet I wake up to be the strong fighter’

Never try to tame me, as I can break the cage open

walk away one day, when I stop to try

Never judge my smile, it is a charm that I deck up to hide my sufferings

I catch whatever life throws at me, with the zeal of enthusiasm 

I am what I am born to be – A strong Woman.



Why not be strong for a while???

Her sorrows overshadowed her thoughts

her tears were uncontrollably drenching her cheeks

as she wiped her tears …

in the distance

there was a light …brighter than the stars

taken by surprise .. she walked towards it

the light began to move

taking her to the distant…to her dreams

she walked shedding her fears and sorrow

the light enlightening her soul

enchanting her soul

walked her through the thick and thin

as she walked by alone to her destiny

the rest followed her …

for them, she became the star…

that led them to their dreams

but for her ….as she moved on…she realized 

she was following her instincts 

for a better tomorrow.


At every point of life..when one loses their confidence, just close your eyes

and relax… there is enough hope in our conscience that can lead us to the right place.