To the stranger….


He was a stranger to her

But he had the power to keep her

He knew she was a mystery to others

He wanted to dig into her

let her spell out all secrets

not to hurt her

but to be with her

each time he tried to talk to her

she pushed him away

she was scared of any bonding

he knew she wanted to be a free soul

unbound to the earth, like migratory birds

she wanted to be a wild nomadic soul

parting her ways from everything she loved

he knew she was like ice that was hard to eyes

but will melt away in the heat of his love

she looked messy or pretended to be complicated

he knew she was like the flower that craved for the right nurturing

he knew to tame her and love her

he was negligible to her heart

she slowly trusted him

she began giving up her stubbornness

still holding back things to herself

smiling yet wondering what was happening

he being strangely causing a stir in her heart

she fell out into the whirlpool of conversations

falling into an infinity

a relation which was not defined by words

he held her carefully

her fiddling hands were like a fish out of a water

she never knew why she want to leave her comfort

he held her close to his heart, giving her the pinch of life she needed

his scrutinized her soul, trying to make a deep connection …

she resisted till she could and then let herself loosened

to fit him in..her forever.