The little girl wept silently…yet none noticed


The little girl sat at her desk

silently browsing through the pages of the book in front of her

even though her mind was not even letting her read

she just gazed at the book

Her mind was with the sounds of the kids playing outside

she cursed her self-being locked up in the room for hours and hours of studying

she felt exhausted, but her parents never bothered to even ask her

They stressed her from point to point

on each and everything

they wanted a perfect one, not a good one

she felt she was tortured,

she felt being snatched

she felt being lonely

the sadness on her face was neglected

to make her perfect, her parents quarrelled and competed

little did they realise that they are hurting her from inside

she wept inside

her silence was taken as being dumb and useless

little did her parents knew she was causing invisible scars on her soul

the little girl wept from inside, hoping that one day they would realise

what these scars have turned her into….

All she wanted little play and little time to enjoy

All she requested silently was that

She revolted, but none noticed

the little heart bled.

Fun Filled hostel life


The first time I saw my college hostel ,oops its was like an isolated place and I felt I wont be able to stay more than an hour there. But I spend a year and half in that place which gifted me lovely memories  with my lovely friends and seniors and juniors.

I was all alone the first day when I joined the hostel , it was around a month since the college opened and so , when its morning , I run to college, because that was a familiar place then than my hostel. In the evening when I return , many were returning from their home after a weekend , so I felt happy , at least its not isolated. 

Everything started to be fun when I met my other 4 friends ,who are still my best buddies. We shared a good understanding , it was fun to be with them. They were the only reason , I didn’t miss my home much. One of them , we used to spent talking all the time , even late nights, it was always fun to be with her. I can say she is one of them who knows me very well. The funny coincidence was that mine and her dob were next to next.Another one ,she was like a nightingale for me, lovely voice she had , she used to sing for me , my favorite song,even if I ask her to repeat it 10 times :).She was different from all of us , quite , beautiful , merciful ,lovely and many more.Everyday morning she used to pick a bible reading from her box and read it to us, and I somehow like it still. 

The other two were like conjoined twins , when I say twins , its just that , they were always together .Many of them though they were sisters too , even though they never looked alike. 🙂 But all five of us had fun filled days, we used to wear similar pattern dresses to college, always went to college and returned from there together. 

Anywhere we want go , we used to be together.We even had combined studies , even though  we were in different streams. It was fun to study with them, though none of us studied anything.We used to spent hours and hours talking to each other and playing.

I  still miss them a lot , even though all are busy in their own lives , we still find time to talk to each other , That’s all about friendship. :)I

When I think of hostel , how can I ever forget my lovely seniors ,they were the best , but unfortunately ,they were in the final year and had to go soon , even then we had the best memories ever. My seniors were too friendly too ,they were like my own sister to me. They cared and shared with us everything.Few weeks before , when I was able to find all of them in Facebook , I was the happiest .Its like back into a family.When they left the hostel , after their studies , it was like a house where we never had someone to guide us.

My juniors were too good too. I always wanted to be like a big sister to them. Am not sure whether I was , but there were a few among them , who will be always my favorite. 🙂

At least when I look back to my good old days , I don’t regret that I never enjoyed , and grateful that I had some lovely people around me.