Romance and Musings

wake me up like never before


She lay there on the bed on a clear morning..

welcoming the rays of the sun through the glass windows

lighting up everything in the house

brightening everything around her

all clad in the blankets, she looked for him

and there he was, with a tray filled with her favorite tea and breakfast and a flower for her

she felt being loved a thousand times every moment

the way he cared was undoubtedly the best part of her life

she recollected the times when it was just them, the way she swayed around him, all in love and happiness

the way they walked around the lane hand in hand, everything was filling colors in her life

she felt he was her slice of life and would stick to her life forever

She wanted everything with him- happiness and sorrows

love is undefinable, there is no reason to love, it just grows

true love never had a destination, because it is endless like the sea and vast like the ocean.

She hugged him, and he planted a kiss on her forehead, wishing each other much more days to come along in their life

She could cheat the death, lie forever in his arms and steal away the breath of love.

~~~Forever in love~~~

Romance and Musings

Her dreams


The night was over, the sun was creeping up, waking everyone on the way its bright light was passing by. The foggy layer in the atmosphere was fighting with the sun to make everyone get a cozy sleep. The fog was filled up everywhere, nothing could be seen on the other side.

She was all snuggled in the bed with all her goodies in her hand. All she wanted was to sleep. She lay there smiling, dreaming al the wonderful memories of her life. The night before and the days before. She was happy.

She knew those dreams would break as she opened her eyes. The cold winds made her body chill, she slid more into her blankets, holding her hands close to her body, trying to give the warmth she was receiving in her dreams.

Her alarm rang already two times making her half awake, but she didn’t bother, she wanted her sleep, her dreams, which she didn’t live. The snooze button was near her fingers, she never bothered to off it next time, because she knew it was time to wake up, out of her world.

She loved her dream land where she enjoyed the most of her unfulfilled dreams. She loved to dream them to encourage herself more, though she knew some were unsatisfied quench, which she should perish on the way in her life.

The struggles of her dream and the morning were always the same, it was like some monster coming to attack and take her away. Struggling to get a pinch of sleep, she abandoned the thoughts of all the days she works she had to do, she even dreamt of finishing it in a jiff.

But it was just a dream.It was like the dream during her childhood where she wanted to have a chocolate waterfall and a house made of chocolate and cakes inspired by the Charlie and the Chocolate factory movie.

It was the final call, and her alarm rang. How much ever she denies of the current world, she has to raise, else she would be in trouble. She woke with a hope to dream again in her nights about the fantasy world, the world keeping her alive as she sleeps.

Romance and Musings

Uncaged love


Time is ticking. 

It’s almost time for nature to wake up and bloom. 

The light from the far distance is slowly brightening up the surrounding.

A small opening of the door can be seen, where feet and two crazy eyes were popping out.There she was standing up, holding her hands close to her cold body, and rubbing her palms on her shoulders, trying to give some warmth. The coldness was almost clamped on her feet and she was trembling. 

Her eyes were wide awake and hairs messy. She didn’t want anyone to see her as such, but she stood there gazing towards the brighter side. The slow moving light was like the warm hands that make the body heat up. Slowly caressing the tiniest particle on the way, making sure everything is shiny as it passes high up. 

The sun was making a romantic move on the life on earth, caressing it, loving it and kissing it, as it says it has to move on, and mete out the love to others.  Slowly the brightened part is reviving from the heartbreak, knowing that once in a day again the sun has to return to them. With that firm belief, nature was blooming high up and flaunting the love it got from the sun.

She stood there admiring the power and the sensuality of the unending love story of nature and the sun. She was unsure about how nature is certain about the return of her love. The determination was so enigmatic, that nature was glowing even in the mood of lost love. 

Nature knew that “love, when caged, is not love, it just becomes a responsibility to love “, so she let go her inhibitions and let herself live with the hope that he will return one day. It is certain that he will return, how can he ever stay away from her, when they both are equally needed for the co-existence. 

She couldn’t take her eyes off the powerful woman, in nature, she decided that she has to be stronger to let go things and live in the facts. Her duties were calling her, and she has to return, there is no other go. She cherished the sight of the meeting, the love and the goodbyes between those two lovers, and then taking a pinch of their warmth in her heart proceeded to her own chores. 

Waiting again to see the uncaged love.

Romance and Musings




Sometimes life takes us in a long journey and makes us stand at point , where we are totally in a uncertainty ,its like either run away or fight it , or just leave everything to God.What do we choose leads to our destiny.

 How to live though such circumstances is a tough thing , how much ever you are advised you tend to behave as the heart says. How much ever we try to do something as planned it all ends up in a total mess, but everything has a reason for its own happening.

At a certain point, we feel like dropping everything and running away from the whole world, blaming all the people around us and many things which doesn’t have  any connection to us, strange but true.Running away is never a way out ,I learned it.

Situations teach us many things  about taking life lightly, slowly and waiting with loads of patience pays you the best.Whatever happens  , happens for a reason , just like sun rises , always , it takes hours , so for life to take up a change we need to wait.