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The wildest

Fog Face Mood Bud Sad Atmosphere Woman

She was the wildest of all

Her eyes had the power of thousands of spells

Her lips were the sweetest

As she spoke her wildest emotions

her eyes sparkled and her lips spread a smile

her smile was the infectious one

her eyes could poison the one on the other side

her hair could tangle the emotions of the other

as she let her hair loose… the world circumferenced her

she floated like the rhythm of her heart

the rhythm was in sync with the waves of the sea

her eyes infected the ones who locked in her vision

she could melt one’s heart and break too

She grew wild among the roses

like a flower that could poison others

She remained rooted, yet dreamt of the sky

the sky was her limit

even when she remained rooted,

as the flower craved for the sun

she shun away the shyness and shredded her roots

bending away from the shadows to the light that attracted her

she grew, blooming flowers that attracted the most

her glory was a lesson to all who remained hidden away

Being wild and strong was her sin, for those who fell in love with the shadow

She escaped the mediocrity and lived the eccentric life

Fulfilling her dreams

She stood up, for herself even among the thorns and lived until

her last breath….

Loneliness to being alive again

Chirpings of the birds are absent.

The sky is dark.

Mornings are not mornings.

Where is the sun?

Oh, she realized that she is in a strange place.She missed her home.Her favorites place on earth, where things were so beautiful. She recollected the fresh mornings where she goes with her mom to temples and smells the unpolluted air.

Everywhere it was green and bright with sunlight. The sun makes the beauty little more attractive and elegant. The way the sun rays falls into the house and the trees caressing the leaves was an unforgettable sight for her. She cherished the beauty in her heart. The longing to see that again, let her surpass everything.

She was cold and numb, and she covered herself with the jackets. She felt she was like a foreign particle roaming in the streets. Everyone was enjoying, it was just her, who was lost a soul. She was least bothered to go to shops, but the warmth inside invited her and she profusely agreed.

Hours swept by, finally, it was time. She ran and caught the first tram in that direction. It was like running away from the slow moving world.She sat in the corner where she could catch a glimpse of everything that was indeed beautiful, but her excited mind was all camouflaged. As she was approaching the tram stop, she got down and ran towards the path, the path which was so familiar to her now.

There she stood near the door, overlooking it, waiting for it to open up. Time swept again… it was almost fifteen minutes. And there she could hear the footsteps. It was snowing slowly, but the cold never bothered her. She waited.

And as the door opens up ..there she was standing all smiling- her lil angel outside her playschool.

Her daughter ran to her and hugged her. She was soo happy to get the warmth of her hug.Finally, she found the bliss of happiness.Her daughter was with her and she felt the world with her again and found herself living again.

The long wait


The cold winds caressing her feet and slowly covering the wounds of the feet . The sharp edges that left her bruised and feel the pain was smoothened by the hands of the wind. The coldness is catching her feet and slowly climbing up to her, giving her the creepy cold touch.

The woolen hands which are warm enough to keep her alive for the winter , as it passes by until when the sun shines. The cold feet and the cold hands are awaiting the rise of the sun, to feel the warmness of the sunlight to fall on . The longing for the warm and sunny weather is all in her eyes and looking up to the horizon from the window near her. The wait is not over ,still the sun os not up.

All she could see was the little kids walking in the snow , covering themselves in the warm jacket and gloves ,hitting all the snow that comes in their path. She saw that everyone is so happy , yet for her, she wanted the cuddle , the warmness of the morning . The clear sky and the chirping of birds. She realized how much she missed her home, which she left behind to travel around the world.

Little did she know that she would be greedy for the presence of the other world ,where she grew ,she nourished and she felt alive. And here she was all numb and lost in her thoughts. As she sat near her window, putting her hands outside to catch a snowflake. She looked everywhere around ,it was early morning and yet the sun was not out, and all were out for work. Many battling the cold and walking to the tram stops and boarding the tram off to work.

As she was longing for a nice cuddle, her little sparkling eyed girl woke up and came running to her cuddling her and sneaking her hands into her jackets to fee the warmth. Then they spend their time gazing out of the window before the sun was out by 11.

A lovely morning



 My favorite time of the day is early morning , if ever I get up , early. I do know that getting up early , makes you feel fresh and the day goes good .But unfortunately ,sometimes my mind and body does not synchronize. 🙂

In my native place , I get up with my lovely mom and take a fresh bath and go to temple. When I am back from the temple , I sit on the sofa with a cup of hot tea (mmm… I just love it) and enjoy the newspaper.

Our house is in a beautiful place , its quite away from the road , but even then , sounds of vehicles on the road can be heard. In spite of all these , its quite silent. There are lot many trees small and big around the house , sometimes I do feel that, those trees obstruct the view of our house from the streets, but sometimes its quite good.

When I sit on the steps of our house , I can see the bright sun’s rays  peeping out of the leaves standing right on its way .In between those leaves , the sunlight looks like diamonds hidden under the bushes. Birds chirping around and looking out for food. 

Right in front of our house ,we have a tulsi plant ,that is considered a sacred plant. The sun’s rays falls directly on its leave , in the morning , giving it a godly look. Whenever we used to fall sick in , my grandma used to give us a medicinal tea ,which is made of this tulsi leaves and its truly worth drinking.In the dusk , we light a lamp right near the plant , its traditional .

Those lovely mornings are like dreams now, I miss them a lot.