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Nothing better than being with mom


How much ever we love any one else , nothing can reach the level of our love for our MOM.

No one can replace a mom.When ever am not able to find out what exactly am feeling , she tells me and yes always she is right . When am out of words ,she express it .And how is it so ? Is it magic ?

Its not a joke, mom knows everything, they know why we are sad  , why we are happy and why we are confused too and even when we lie to them. They know everything. God has made moms special I think. Every mom , feels the same affection to their kids , some shows it  , some doesn’t.

I always love to cuddle near my mom , that is like heaven. No comfort place can beat the warmth and love we get near our mom. Whenever I visit my mom , she prepares me all the lovely foodies which  I like and she buys me some cutie earrings or any other things and keeps it  as a surprise for me. It makes me feel like a school going kid again and again.

Whatever happens in our life, even if its our mistake only a mom can support ,no one has such big heart than a lovely mom. How much ever we get time to spend with mom , its never enough, we crave for more and more n more.The most we fight is also with the same person we love the most, because I always fight with her for everything and anyways end up listening to what she likes me to do.

I now realize , how much she loves me, how much she cares for me ,after being a mom.

Sharing,Caring ,loving and many more to go


We always find it difficult to share something with anyone, loving someone unconditionally and care selflessly.

I keep telling my daughter , that you should learn to share and am sure every other mom does it.The other day I saw a video where in they shared a lovely message ,” If you give a little love, you can receive a little love of your own” . This is something that everyone doesn’t do, its easy to make a video , and share a good message for goodness but difficult to follow.

Everyone is busy in their own world, with their work, life, relationships stand apart from everything.Even a small gesture of affection is enough to make someone happy. It need not be an expensive gift, an expensive holiday or shopping , or as simple as a lovely  flower , everything seems less in front of a lovely smile and the time you spend with a loved ones.

A family becomes a family , when everyone shares,cares ,love and support  each other unconditionally.How lovely a life will be when no one has to tell their loved one , how much they are happy , or sad or troubled , but still they know and finds a way to help us or share our happiness. 🙂