Best friends forever


In the crowded classroom, you made me feel like am at home

the unfamiliarity that was creeping in me

your smile crushed and put it away

the way you took me into your life

everything changed for me

the one I was with you, was different from the way I am

you and I were different in many ways

yet the same

even though I cannot be you, I wished at least once I was you

we were together from the day we met, till now

nothing has ever changed even if are apart

we talked for years together

we never talked much for years

yet we are the best friends

I always need you by my side

in all the good and the bad

as you stood with me till now

Ooo my bestie, you are forever my best friend

count me in any time you need me

I will be beside you as you were with me

I count myself to be fortunate to have you by my side

the way you trust me and behold me even in crisis 

gives me the strength to let go many things that are unwanted

Indeed having a friend like you is a true blessing in life

a lonely life is worse than death

we can lay under the stars talking a lot

even after years staying apart as if nothing has changed

the teenagers in us will never fall apart

our friendship will never fade away.

Fiddling with her dreams

She decided to remain silent, quite impossible for her, though.

She felt like the moment she seems to decided silence, there was a battle going on in her mind, trying to convince that silence was never an answer. At times the words need to be out and left to be heard by others, else the conflicting words in the heart will remain there in total chaos. Silence kills her thoughts which are the catalysts of her emotions. The thought makes what she is now – convinced, confirmed and dedicated.

She silenced her decisions once she was determined to achieve.

She silenced her dreams, as it cannot be achieved.

She silenced her heart, as it was broken many times.

She silenced her feet, responsibilities, not to disturb other’s sleep.
She silenced herself to avoid being self-pitied.

At times the silence killed her soul, she was never what she wanted to be.

Overshadowed by the decisions of, fiddling in responsibilities, flying like new born bird who is trying to reach a branch while its initial flight.

Scared, lost, confused and hurt.

Yet she found the freedom of speech, a way to propagate her thoughts to reach the thousands who felt like her. Even though her lips never spoke, her voice was never head, her fingers moved and her words flew out into the blank pages.

She found the way to say and not to say. She was never silenced in her thoughts. Her thoughts were free and all she did was enjoyed the new found freedom of expression. To express or not to express was a choice, and to read and not to be read was another choice which she fought on her own.