Patience pays



She waits all along for her dad to reach home ,and immediately he is in , she asks him, “where is chocolate ?” ,her dad as usual surprised looks at me , throwing a question at me through his looks ” why is she asking me , aren’t there chocolates here ? ” . And I smile at him , handing him a chocolate from the cupboard and give him a hint t give her ,as if he bought it.

I appreciate her patience to wait for it, even it is a simple chocolate , i know it means to her . Its sometimes good to develop such characteristics in them. But honestly its not just my effort as a parent even her teacher helped a lot. 

It was difficult earlier to make her wait patiently for anything, she used to cry , shout , and try all her best tantrums on us , to get things done ,and parents like me, fall for all those tantrums, there is no escape.I didn’t know that requesting her to wait , will work out , but one fine day , to my surprise, she did behave as I  asked her to. 

Even though I know that shouting at kids , or being strict doesn’t gain us any love and respect , my immature motherhood ,does it some times and I regret doing so . Nowadays am in control not to do such immature acts and show her what exactly maturity is through my love and respect and lots of patience.

Patience pays well , and it always pays the best. 


Tantrum handling


Its one of the most important thing in parenting , considering how to make kids listen to us .

Most of the time , they get irritated and fail to listen what exactly we want them to do or rather , we stop listening to what exactly they want us to give them.In such cases , its all a waste of energy to compel them to listen to us. 

Some try punishments like time out , or tell them if they behave badly , they will get bad punishment and many more. Punishments must be different for different kids , depending on their basic nature. All have a different aspect of looking into a particular matter , as how the adults differ in it , the same way kids also differ in it. Some kids need to learn through little bit of harshness or some others a simple way .

But to built a better person tomorrow , we need to be conscious about what we choose for them.When ever they do something good enough , reward them, so that they feel like doing more and more of such good deeds , but of-course we need to be cautious of what we are rewarding them with. Make them appreciate even the little things in life , so that later on they learn the value of what they have.

Even though am not an expert parent , am also learning how to control her tantrums , sometimes its difficult to handle and sometimes like miracles or magic, my daughter tend to listen to me and keep calm, as she knows that for patience she get rewarded with her favorite lollipops . 🙂 I love to see her happy and I always wanted her to listen to me , and not make a fuss  , and I always tried to keep up my promise on rewarding her. 

Parenting takes a lot of skill and patience and is constant work and growth. 


Its like a big puzzle . 

Seriously I wonder how people manage more than 1 kid, where in I  can’t even manage one. 

My lil  preschooler, has enough tantrums that  I feel like my brain pops out of my head because of stress. I wonder what on earth they want , when are totally stressed out. Sometimes I keep wondering , what others might think , when my lil kid is busy crying and a busy soothing her. Do they think that am a bad mother, not giving what the kid wants, do they really know what am I going through???

Lots of questions ,but doesn’t help me at all.Its always a big confusion, seriously I wonder how my mom managed the two of us.At some point , i feel it was better to be alone , but when I feel lonely who is there to soothe me with their lovely touch, I need my daughter always beside me , even she irritates me with her tantrums. 🙂

After all the fights and crying , she behaves as though nothing happened ,I wonder whats really happening in her thoughts.I wish  I could recollect what exactly was going on in my head when I was a kids like her.

I feel sad , when I shout at her, the smile on her face fades away and the only thing she requires a hug from me, she waits till my hands are stretched out inviting her to hug me, and she comes running ,its a total relief for me and her.We both get relaxed after all the fights , everyday some or the other. 😉

But parenting is fun,because we are learning to love selflessly.