I walked away for good


I was surprised to realize I was all wide awake

Was it really me?

My soul questioned myself

the one in me who was in love with the bed

was totally awake in it

the strange feelings rumbling in me heart

wasn’t letting me sleep though

I closed my eyes, yet the sleep turned a deaf ear to me

I felt odd, as it was the happiest as well as the saddest moment in my life

the feeling was perplexing my emotions

playing with my tiring soul

yet my eyes were betraying my heart

sleep deprivation was turning on unwanted dreams and worries in me

as I closed my eyes, I knew why was upset

the thought of leaving them and going away was emotionally eating me up

Yet, It was their dream come true

still, my heart was fully not ready to accept the happy part

the happy and the sad part battled with each other

giving some underlying facts to support each one

finally, my eyes could not cheat

and it shut down the complete process of discussion

In the morning as I got ready for the day

I looked in the mirror, there was no tiredness

it was just a sadness to leave them

yet mixed with happiness to see their happy faces

I put up a smile on my face

portraying a shy figure out of the cocoon

and decided to fly away from them.

that is destiny, yet I knew I would be back

as my cocoon was my home

I walked towards the new life

not knowing where it was leading me to

yet seeing my loved ones smile

I decided to move along the tide

And finally be flown away to far off places.

Moving with tide


As the sea washing the pebbles on the shore

wind whispering in my ears

the sea is tangling my hairs

and untangling my emotions

the pebbles are hurting my feet

yet the water is fondling the pain

the vast blue ocean is giving me the flow

I felt like am moving with the tide

like a boat which is going nowhere

but just floating in the ocean with the tide

the emotional turmoils which I cannot take in

I washed off with the sea

discovering where did I belong to

I felt I was barren

as if I was dried out

the sea was nourishing me

the whole me was changing

I felt like a plant grown out of a parched surface

I felt moist and my mind enjoyed the newborn placidity

the new me escaped from chaos and clutter

escaping from mediocrity I was enjoying the new turn-ons.