Romance and Musings

Celebrating togetherness

Relations unpredictable

didn’t know where it began

it is true that you became my mirror

reflecting my thoughts to the world

sharing my emotions and passion

paving my way to a new world

We celebrate today the day of togetherness

With you, I became a new person

Happy Anniversary MY WORDPRESS !!!


When you are unaware the days just fly by and such pop-ups appear showing us that we have spent all these years of togetherness, joy knows no bound. I do not know when this thought came up to write something on my own. As far as I remember, I have only written answers on my exams and now I am writing a lot, improvising myself day-by-day.  I just feel lucky to be united by my passion. 

Thank you for being so supportive. 


Romance and Musings

My cheeks soaked in the tears of happiness


Our feeling was tangled like our arms

Even it was dream, I could feel the warmth of your breath near my neck

my body smiled at the thought of you approaching it

I stretched my hands even in my dreams to hold you closer

I could feel the heart beat increase its rhythm

it was the excitement of returning to your arms

I know how much we longed to be in each other’s arms

the way you held me tightly in your arms

hugging me, letting me completely dissolve in your arms

My ears pressed to your chest,

where I could hear the pulsating heartbeat

It told many unspoken words of love

the stories of our missing

the feelings of our battling minds

exchanged in that hug

when you planted a kiss on my  eyes

I felt as if I was soaked in your arms

the feeling was irresistible

As I began to cry, the tears of happiness

rolling down my cheek

you kissed away my tears

and embraced me

like never letting me go away.

Romance and Musings

Just you were all I wanted


Every moment we spent
painted a new page in my blank page
every fragrance you sprayed
blossomed in my page
every walk you took me to
became another colorful page
every second of my life
became precious
every inch in me
turned on with you
my skin became the gateway for you
my body became your temple
you resided in me
purifying my soul
your infectious smile
shoot a smile in me
your eyes
brightened my eyes
I knew that love was magical.
walking miles and miles with you
was never tiring
loving you was never boring
as every day, you brought in fun and excitement
being with you anywhere is better than
being alone with someoneelse
I rejoiced my life with you
in your arms today and beyond tomorrow forever.

Romance and Musings

By the sea, my thoughts battled with the waves …

I stood there gazing at the amazing waves of the sea
the sunset, where the beauty is overbound
at the far horizon, where the sky meets the sea,
I watched the red hot ball shaped sun settling down into the sea
as if it was going to take a plunge into the cold sea waters
the soft breeze was fondling me and the cool waters were washing my feet
the shimmering sand beneath my feet washed away with every wave
leaving a large footprint were my feets immersed, soaked in the sand
each time I step out and stand in the next position when the wave arrived
and every time I made a footprint, the other one vanished
I was playing with the waves when the sun began to sink into the sea
I watched as the birds flew away to their homes
and the beach was filling with people who love the night
the sunset was a tantalizing image in my thoughts
I wished I could just vanish away like that one day after shining bright and strong all along
I wished I could just be the light for someone’s life
I wished I was the sole reason for the bloom of a life
I wished I could rise up into the sky, like the sun and sink into the deep ocean with no strings attached
I wished I could be like the sun, who invisibly brightened the moon and dazzling stars to award a prodigious night sky
I wished to be imperceptible but be a reason for someone’s happiness
I wished to be the waves, that could carry the weight of the heart and leave behind the treasure trove from beneath the sea
I wished to be the tree, whose shade was comforting
I wished to be someone who loved you the most…
As I was lost in my thoughts, there you come to fulfill my wishes
holding me in your arms, the safest place on earth I could ever find
holding my hands and conveying me that am the meaning of your life
the life that you give me, is more than what I could dream of
the joy is profound and the blessings are uncountable
I held his hands and walked on the wet sand soaked in the waves
leaving a mark on the sand of our togetherness.