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You are my destiny…



None knows which road we need to take to reach our destiny

All the paths looks same to me

each one is less traveled and unexplored

whenever I reach a point where there are deviations

I listen to my heart, as I know – it will guide me perfectly to you

I know you are in one of the roads, in the end, waiting for me …

the roads are rough and have rocky terrain

I can walk barefoot and take up all the pains – just to be with you

You walked the same to be with me , and I know that once we are together, there is nothing more beautiful

the mist covered paths were giving me chills

yet my soul could lead me to you

my soul kept convincing me that in the end, i will be near you

After meeting you, there were never ending dreams

The dreams that my heart had buried for a life which I was living a lie

I knew I was in love, yet I didn’t want to agree to it as I knew I cannot be with you

Yet I knew that our love was strong enough to let me sustain this life

Even if I cannot be with you now, I knew I was born for you

Even when far away, the sensation of being with you was the most powerful one

I could ever feel

Even when far away from you, you could sense my insecurity, you could sense my instability

you have kindled the inner soul in me , which was buried under the scars in me

the scars that were invisible to others camouflaged by the convincing smile I carried with me

you discovered the real me and took pains to love me

your love lets me uncover myself and let the world face the real me.

As I walked past all the hurdles, there you were stretching your hands out for me

waiting ..

As I ran into you, I was bleeding and I could see that you were hurt too

yet when I reached your arms, I felt like being in heaven

cuddling me in your arms, the whole world seemed to empty

and I felt the whole world is in your strong hands

the world that we belonged to.


Being mom the second time is indeed a blessing


I do recollect the time, when we were waiting for your arrival, the long wait ended today three years back, when we added one more flower to our family garden.

I do recollect the time, when your sister waited keenly keeping her ears closer to my belly, to feel you,

you were welcomed with great smiles and warm hands

You came and conquered our lives with your naughty smile and impressive eyes

Time is running faster, out of my hands.

yet am falling in love with every moment

You brought a different perspective to my life. You gave me challenging perspective of parenting, giving me a touch of all the different levels of tantrums from low to high.

The way you held me closer to yourself whenever you loved me

the way you hug me and kiss me

showering all your love

making me feel special

expressing every tiny bit of emotion you tiny heart and eyes could hold

the way you need me all the time, doing everything to grab my attention

the way you put together all your naughtiness and love mixed up in a smile

Oh, my lovely little girl, you make me fall in love with my life of being a mom a little more than everyday

You managed to deviate my parenting goals to fit into your perspectives and impress me that I have done right for you

The mother in me is all awake for you, loving you more and more every second

The feeling of being blessed to be an angel’s mom is my gratitude

I wish I could hold the time, and cuddle you forever like this.

I know it’s easy for you to convince me of anything…with your naughty smile

oh, my darling, who changed the perspective of me being a mom, including challenges worth taking …at times making it a precious moment to cherish.

I love being your mother too…as I loved being a mom for the first time

Thank you for being my daughter who added more colors to my life, along with your sister.

Your sister woke up the mother in me and you revived the soul in me

helping me relive every moment again being a mother.

Happy Birthday my lil Angel



The tiny hands and legs were like dew drops, soft and tender. She held them close to her heart. The sweetest form of love, where love was unconditional and will never fade away.

She held her tiny little fingers, caressing them and holding them with utmost care so that she doesn’t apply much pressure.The hands were too soft that, she was scared to hurt her. Her heart was beating faster. She felt like the whole world was in her baby.

She took her in her lap, to put her to sleep.

She knew it was tough, as the starry eyes were smiling at her giving the hint that “mama, am not going to sleep”.

She wanted to sing a lullaby but was scared she might not frighten her lil one with her sound.

She was unsure, whether her voice was the soothing one, as she never sang.

She looked at her baby, and smiled and pulled in as much as courage as she can, trying to recollect what song to sing, that might comfort her baby

She started humming, as she never knew the words.

To her surprise, she felt her baby was loving it, a smile was budding on her face.

She felt a spark of happiness in her soul because, in the whole world, it was her baby who is enjoying her voice for the first time.

She sang until she felt her heart was filled with joy and happiness.

her Lil bundle of joy slept peacefully, in the melancholy of her voice

She felt like crying out of joy.

She put her baby on to a bed and sat there admiring her.

She still kept humming, even though at one point she felt she was not good at it too.

Any mother’s lullaby is her love overflowing, in the form of a song.And for any child, that is the sweetest melody.

Its weaning time ….patience

Its the toughest decision to take .

I was not sure how to do , as I didn’t go through this earlier.

I was confused how things will go, how she will manage .

I was upset to see her cry and asking me for milk.

But one fine morning , I decided , instead of thinking , its time for her , and I kept trying for days and days , everyone helped me , and I was happy that am not alone. I had to keep my heart hard as a rock. 

She kept crying and crying but suddenly at one point she understood whatever I said , atleast thats what I believed . I guess she understood from my teary eyes and the low words that Mom has no more to give . Hope she forgives me and adapt to other things. 

I know its a stage in every kids life , but for me, its only mine ,my special one , I cried , I couldn’t hold my tear when she was crying , still I had to do it. I kept trying and trying , did not want to loose heart or my patience and do y very best. I kept telling myself , its good for her , am doing as best as i can , I know she won’t starve , she has enough outside but ofcourse not as good as mine. 

I wanted to do so that was final, no more thoughts should cloud my determination . And finally overcame my thoughts and everything went well, though its tiring and tough , we loose our patience couple of times . At times its my elder one who helps me out in dealing with her sister, she keeps telling her , that when we grow up , no more milk there, trying her best to convince her .

Finally , now when she herself says “mama, milk over ” , I feel so sad , but , she hugs me ,as if to tell me ” mama, don’t worry am fine , don’t cry ” .

I love my daughters in the way they support me, love you both always .