The long wait


The cold winds caressing her feet and slowly covering the wounds of the feet . The sharp edges that left her bruised and feel the pain was smoothened by the hands of the wind. The coldness is catching her feet and slowly climbing up to her, giving her the creepy cold touch.

The woolen hands which are warm enough to keep her alive for the winter , as it passes by until when the sun shines. The cold feet and the cold hands are awaiting the rise of the sun, to feel the warmness of the sunlight to fall on . The longing for the warm and sunny weather is all in her eyes and looking up to the horizon from the window near her. The wait is not over ,still the sun os not up.

All she could see was the little kids walking in the snow , covering themselves in the warm jacket and gloves ,hitting all the snow that comes in their path. She saw that everyone is so happy , yet for her, she wanted the cuddle , the warmness of the morning . The clear sky and the chirping of birds. She realized how much she missed her home, which she left behind to travel around the world.

Little did she know that she would be greedy for the presence of the other world ,where she grew ,she nourished and she felt alive. And here she was all numb and lost in her thoughts. As she sat near her window, putting her hands outside to catch a snowflake. She looked everywhere around ,it was early morning and yet the sun was not out, and all were out for work. Many battling the cold and walking to the tram stops and boarding the tram off to work.

As she was longing for a nice cuddle, her little sparkling eyed girl woke up and came running to her cuddling her and sneaking her hands into her jackets to fee the warmth. Then they spend their time gazing out of the window before the sun was out by 11.

A pleasant experience with Explore life traveling

Last Friday , precisely on 21 st October , had organized an Ambassador Meetup coordinating with Explore life traveling . A wonderful experience to share the space with many energetic and enthusiastic women ,who had come out of their cocoon and are spreading the smiles and energy. Really thankful for JobsForHer too to organize this meetup.

The meet up was conducted in the Startup house of Explore life traveling The ambiance and the architecture of the house were splendid. Truly appreciate the choice and tastefully done interiors of the house. For ambassador meet up , the hall was chosen. The room was cozy and the glass wall that provided the view to the outside was indeed an awesome thought.

Overall space was comfortable , that even brought out the words from the mouth of all participants. The well-ventilated rooms were an immense source of fresh air that even the souls remain freshens up. The ambiance facilitated the overall performance of the meet-up.

Explore life traveling is indeed an apt choice for anyone who loves traveling and even meeting up people with similar interests. The firm assures that you enjoy the stay with the best locals in feel at home wherever you travel. The main motive of Explore life traveling is to encourage sharing the extra room or real estate that you have with like minded people via communities . This way the hosts and guest don’t have to worry about trust and safety and are able to focus more on sharing stories with each other. 

For woman professionals who are in the JobsForHer can even take up the benefit of choosing to share the space with these wonderful people who will assure safety and income at your ease. The women professional community can ensure that they can acquire safe and comfortable rooms anywhere in India with a reasonable cost and meet other wonderful women who share the same interests. This opportunity can be avail by the ambassadors of JobsForHer .

Explore life traveling also ensures that everyone is benefited in this venture and traveling and sharing spaces become fun and welcoming. The firm arranges the best of all services that are available to every community. One can organize meet-ups, events, holiday stay anything which can bring together a group of like-minded people together.

The very first experience I had with them through this Meetup through JobsForHer was so perfect and well organized. Am looking forward to connecting with many other woman communities through this kind of meet up organized with the help of these wonderful folks.


Travel diary

A familiar route to our home and back to our native which we usually take up caught my attention recently. The road is very clear , the route is regular yet at times nature plays a wonderful magic that the beauty is at times never faded away and at times keeps floating right in front of our eyes.

As we pass by the villages and towns en route to Cochin, I was browsing through a book and in between gazing out the window of the speeding car. Usually, in a hurry and at a time due to tiredness, I used to doze off rather than gazing out. I realized I missed a few beautiful parts of the route. At times even spotted peacocks ,somewhere , I guess I don’t know the name of the place.

The farm lands in the villages encapsulated by the rocky terrains which are almost covered in bushes which are hardly green brightened by the sunlight in the early morning are truly engaging. I keep gazing on the roads and found a board where it was written to drive safe, elephants crossing. I kept gazing up the majestic hill locks which were covered in greenery in an eagerness to spot an elephant. Of course, I cannot. !! Just trying with luck.

Finally, as we were approaching the fantastic Kerala , nature changed and beauty was spellbinding. The vet stretch of the Western Ghats that makes us feel like an ant in front of them gigantic walls of mountains , yet beautiful. The grass is green, the trees are greener and luscious . The sky is perfectly blue.

I love my place. Nothing can beat the beauty of our own place.