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Purity of love is undefined

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Ages I waited,

till I felt the pain of loving deeply

it was in the faintest gap

I could feel the love so pure

so heartwarming it was

wherein  I felt the love awakening every inch of me

bringing life to all of me

with his touch , everything unlocked in me.

Dismayed by the power of love

I knew nothing beyond loving him

who brought me back to life

as he waited, as I did wait.

Wait- is the proof of strong love


I love to wait

I love the time I spend waiting you

I love the eagerness you showup when you meet me

the wait became sweet like honey from sourness

the warmth of your arms draws me like crazy

the shadown of you, falls on me like a blanket

the blanket whoes cozyness is my favorite

the way you smell my wet hair

the way you sway me along

the way you hold me in your arms

the wait seems soo enriching

the thoughts engulf my mind

and I sat awake watching you walk over to me in the nightfall.