Romance and Musings

As I walked along ….you followed


As I walked past the roads

I could not see anything else other than you

I closed my eyes when I thought I realized

how much I missed you

everything on my way was just a reflection of you

As I closed my eyes,

even in the darkness of my eyelids

I could see your smiling face

It was as if you were imprinted on me

your smile

your naughtiness

you eyes

everything crystal clear

like a mirror image

I felt I was near you

and extended my hand to touch

yet as I spread out my hands.

I couldn’t touch you

you disappeared like ripples in the water

yet again, you appeared with a smile

inducing a smile on my face

I felt you were moving along with me

like a shadow …that never leaves me

I could feel your presence yet not touch you

I could feel your warmth, yet not be in your arms

I knew you were virtually with me always

as if you were with me holding the umbrella 

and we walked together soaked in the ravishing rain

the strong feel of love was indeed the pulse for me.

Romance and Musings

A magical voice


At a distance, she could hear a breathtaking voice, a song which was so intense and pulling her to the voice.She stood there and kept her eyes shut, ears closed with her little finger immersed into it.

But the voice was so powerful, that her heart could hear it, even with her ears shut. There was a magical pull, a gravitational force that was making her feet turn its way to the direction of the voice.The song was her favorite and resisting it was the most difficult thing for her.

The pull was tough for her to fight with. She took courage and walked out as long as she can away from the voice. The more she walked further, the more difficult it became for her. She felt the voice was shadowing her thoughts, encompassing her in a magical layer and she was lost. The thoughts and the voice were battling in her head, but finally, the voice won.

She stopped and turned her footsteps to the direction of the voice. Now the pull was not resistible, she ran all the way she walked, with all the energy. Cold winds did not stop her, the trees could not block her ways, and she was running in the speed close to the wind. She felt as if the wind was carrying her to voice.

As she was getting closer, the intensity and the depth of the voice was becoming powerful and attractive. The gravity was at its best and she surrendered to the voice.

As she approached the place, it was perfect. The place was drenched in the most amazing nature.The grass was wet and she could feel the twinkle of the dew drops on it. The cold air was bringing the sound to her ears, it was soothing and refreshing. She felt her nerves were fluttering and all she wanted was to feel the voice.

And in the end of the grass there he was standing waiting for her.She ran to him and the moment she hugged him, instead of a smile, there were tears in her eyes. She didn’t know why it was, but he knew. They hugged and stood there for a while immersing themselves in the love of their souls and the nature showering the blessings on them.


Romance and Musings

I wish she ….



I wish she had learned to crawl  ..( 2 months old)

I wish she had learned  to walk … (6 months old)

I wish she would be able  run …( 1 year old)

I wish she would sit quietly….( after 1.5)

This is a kind of never ending wishes, when my lil pie was born , I wanted her to sit n talk to me, or play with me and I thought that , it would be more relaxing , but every stage was a new challenge.

When she started to crawl  , it was like where ever I go , she was just right behind me ,everywhere. 😛  I know its the case with every mom. When she started to walk around , she always wanted to walk , and sometimes when am in a hurry , I just wished she could run with me , and I think the wish was soon granted.

When she started to run , I just wanted her to sit somewhere peacefully and so that could gulp in a few sips of my tea  , but instead , it was like I never got a chance to sit and eat or drink.  And now , its like I have to force her to go and sleep , or play , just to get to some ‘my time’ .

Anyways good enough that I learned very well  to cook , eat , sleep  , play , talk and do many things with one hand, half mind and half concentration , as all other mommies  . Yes , the other half or may be three- fourth for my lovely lil daughter.

Other day when I spoke to a new mommy , she just repeated what I had always been saying since I became a mom , ” I wish my kid just started to walk , rather than lying down and playing ”  , I couldn’t stop laughing , because I know what a new mom expects ,” to relax a lil bit  at least” thinking that if the kid is own their own they may not bother their moms. , which is just a wish . 

But once the kids are grown up , they stop to look for us ,rather they need to be alone all the time and mothers will deeply wish to get a second with their kids.

So am truly , cherishing all the moments with her , rather than wishing for something new.

Romance and Musings

A walk into the beauty of nature

Long walks around the city, is something I love to do ,and its more beautiful when am accompanied my lil sweet heart.Even though when she comes along , it happens that , she keeps running and for me the whole world seems to be running ,so nothing can be observed.But its fun too , running behind her all the time and then getting tired . 🙂

But when am alone , I observe what is around me, the river, the sky , the vehicles and not to worry , on the road too , because I don’t want to fall. 🙂 I feel my lungs inflate with fresh air 

When you are on the riverside on a sunny day , its so crowded  with people coming for a sunbath and its totally empty , if ever its a cloudy day.During summer, people here engage in swimming , boating , playing games , its so full of life . The trees and the birds all around happily enjoying the warm weather , touched with the soft breeze from the river side too. 

Most of them bring food along with them , and enjoy their food along the river side , sometimes feeding the birds too.Its very nature friendly place. Many will be jogging along , some chitchatting , enjoying the sunset. Small gondolas carrying people from one end to the other end , looks so beautiful on the river.  

Older couples walking around hand in hand , romancing around.Its true that love has no ages.The sunsets very late during the summer , and everything will be bright around ten pm at night too , giving everyone to be out around for a longer time.

In Winter season , I generally don’t feel like to go out , still when it snows , like kids , i want to get out and play with my daughter.Winter walks around is good too, but too freezing. Trees around with no leaves standing still ,as if its frozen and waiting for the summer to arrive and fill their branches with green tender leaves .

Once while I was on the bridge , walking around wondering how these people are swimming  in this high current.I just got startled , when I saw someone jumping from the bridge side . For a moment I didn’t know what to do , I looked down to the river, there the person was swimming holding an orange bag filled with water. People are really crazy, being adventurous . 🙂

“The poetry of the earth is never dead.” 
― John Keats