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Love like there is no tomorrow


She trembled in her sleep

the thought of losing someone close to the heart

thoughts kept her awake all night

love and the care she is bestowed was rare and unique

the warmth of those arms, she longed for

the eyes that looked upon her with immense love

the passion that kept her living

the emotions that drove her to do the impossible

the care that she got pampered up everytime

her eyes were teary

she realized how much she was into the life

Fear kept her awake, her soul awake

she realised that instead of her fear

she need to live the moment

love like never before

and fall into those arms

forget the world

and live like, there is no tomorrow

Hold my hands ,as if you are going to pull me back when the life is taking me away

Be the wind beneath my wings


The road was a lonely path.

None across the road or even coming her way

She walked alone, unsure about the paths that were cutting across

She walked gazing at the dark streets, the unknown ones

She could see lights from the buildings on the other streets, still, the place was not giving her a secured feeling

She wanted to run, yet she felt it was cowardly

She wanted to be brave, strong and put herself out of all these situations

She wanted her comfort, her love, who gave her the warmth and protection.

She walked lost in her thoughts, which made her feel better

She recollected the time, when he hugged her tightly, leaving no air gaps

the long cuddles, that made her feel the whole world is encompassing her in those two hands

The warmth of the lovely kiss he plants on her forehead, making her feel, how much love he had for her

Holding her hands, as if she were a baby while crossing the roads, even if the streets were not busy

She felt that his love was the wind beneath her wings, that is letting her fly high up in the sky.

The love she wished that she never loose.

Suddenly, She felt the warmth she longed for, he hugged her and kissed on her forehead, the kiss said everything he wanted to say, the endless love, the care and the passion.

She felt safer even on the dark streets, the coldness in the air has vanished, the darkness has dawned and all she could feel was the arms that held her close to the heart.




Ever felt the aroma of real life. Here’s the story of one such aroma.

The amazing tale of aroma that arise from the hidden ingredients of the kitchen. The smell is heavenly and will keep you floating towards the food. 

Every morning she wakes up, to the mixed aroma of the tantalizing agarbathis from the pooja room and the smell of the morning tea. The moment when the tea powder mixes with the colorless water, adding a golden tinge to it. 

The thought of the mesmerizing color makes her arise from the sleep and urge her to take a plunge into the golden brown water and dance across the cup, as if she was stirring the cup of tea, in between giving a cyclone movement to the crystals of sugar poured into the cup. 

The sugar touches her feet like snow crystals, making her sway in the cyclone created by the spoon stirring the hot cup, with the fumes of the hot cup rising and spreading its wings and flying away like a butterfly from the cocoon, spreading the joy of warmth and aroma across the rooms. 

The smell urge her to to grab the cup and plant a kiss on the lips of the tea cup. She cannot resist the feeling and she runs to take her share of love and warmth. The moment she closes her eyes and proceeds to the tip of the cup as if she is a lover planting a kiss on her love, the world pauses. 

As she takes the first sip, the warmth of the hot tea, swims down her mouth through the vocal chords to the tummy inside. The world seems to be alive again and she could hear everything around the moment the first mouthful reaches the tummy. The journey down the way for the golden brown sip is like spreading the warmth across the organs making her feel the magic of coming alive. 

It is as if she has bloomed.



Uncaged love


Time is ticking. 

It’s almost time for nature to wake up and bloom. 

The light from the far distance is slowly brightening up the surrounding.

A small opening of the door can be seen, where feet and two crazy eyes were popping out.There she was standing up, holding her hands close to her cold body, and rubbing her palms on her shoulders, trying to give some warmth. The coldness was almost clamped on her feet and she was trembling. 

Her eyes were wide awake and hairs messy. She didn’t want anyone to see her as such, but she stood there gazing towards the brighter side. The slow moving light was like the warm hands that make the body heat up. Slowly caressing the tiniest particle on the way, making sure everything is shiny as it passes high up. 

The sun was making a romantic move on the life on earth, caressing it, loving it and kissing it, as it says it has to move on, and mete out the love to others.  Slowly the brightened part is reviving from the heartbreak, knowing that once in a day again the sun has to return to them. With that firm belief, nature was blooming high up and flaunting the love it got from the sun.

She stood there admiring the power and the sensuality of the unending love story of nature and the sun. She was unsure about how nature is certain about the return of her love. The determination was so enigmatic, that nature was glowing even in the mood of lost love. 

Nature knew that “love, when caged, is not love, it just becomes a responsibility to love “, so she let go her inhibitions and let herself live with the hope that he will return one day. It is certain that he will return, how can he ever stay away from her, when they both are equally needed for the co-existence. 

She couldn’t take her eyes off the powerful woman, in nature, she decided that she has to be stronger to let go things and live in the facts. Her duties were calling her, and she has to return, there is no other go. She cherished the sight of the meeting, the love and the goodbyes between those two lovers, and then taking a pinch of their warmth in her heart proceeded to her own chores. 

Waiting again to see the uncaged love.

Leap into your new life


Layers of mist were covering the area around her and all could feel was the warmth of the hand that was holding her. The shadows were swept away, the lights dimmed, the sounds were mere existence. The place was getting darker and colder. All she needed was the warmth of a hug. 

She felt was she was lost, she felt the strange feel of insecurity around her. Her mind was confused and whispering thousands of questions. In the distant she could see, the lights moving, she was sure it was the moving vehicles. 

She could run to it and seek help, but no something was stopping her from doing it. A hand was pulling her closer. She didn’t know what it was, but she was reluctant to look back and see. 

She kept screaming inside every second, the hands were creeping on to her. She could feel the comfort and warmth, but again, she ignored. She wants to call for help, but something was stopping her. 

A thought, or powerful strong hands, or may be the mind – she couldn’t recognize. She felt as if, she is leaving something and moving away.She felt to take a leap and forget all happening to her then. Why should she do that….after all these precious moments in her life…..she didn’t want to go away…but fight for the mere existence. 

It was a question of life and death…either she has to let it go..or be with the stain of it forever and ever. The bruises of the moment will never go away, it will be like a mark in her life. She was lost in her thoughts…and all a sudden she decided to leap in….and let go all those she loved.

The creepy hands can never get on to her…..she jumped and flew like she had never done it ever. It was like she got wings to fly high…she never knew what lies in her path again, but she decided to leave the past and fly into her new found life. 

Happy NewYear– On this beautiful eve of the New year, let me wish everyone a glorious year ahead. Treasure all the good memories and take lessons from the bad ones and lead the way to your new journey. Even if you don’t have resolutions, just flow like a river, in one way or the other you will reach your own destination. 

Happy NewYear once Again !! Have a blessed year Folks!!