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Loneliness to being alive again

Chirpings of the birds are absent.

The sky is dark.

Mornings are not mornings.

Where is the sun?

Oh, she realized that she is in a strange place.She missed her home.Her favorites place on earth, where things were so beautiful. She recollected the fresh mornings where she goes with her mom to temples and smells the unpolluted air.

Everywhere it was green and bright with sunlight. The sun makes the beauty little more attractive and elegant. The way the sun rays falls into the house and the trees caressing the leaves was an unforgettable sight for her. She cherished the beauty in her heart. The longing to see that again, let her surpass everything.

She was cold and numb, and she covered herself with the jackets. She felt she was like a foreign particle roaming in the streets. Everyone was enjoying, it was just her, who was lost a soul. She was least bothered to go to shops, but the warmth inside invited her and she profusely agreed.

Hours swept by, finally, it was time. She ran and caught the first tram in that direction. It was like running away from the slow moving world.She sat in the corner where she could catch a glimpse of everything that was indeed beautiful, but her excited mind was all camouflaged. As she was approaching the tram stop, she got down and ran towards the path, the path which was so familiar to her now.

There she stood near the door, overlooking it, waiting for it to open up. Time swept again… it was almost fifteen minutes. And there she could hear the footsteps. It was snowing slowly, but the cold never bothered her. She waited.

And as the door opens up ..there she was standing all smiling- her lil angel outside her playschool.

Her daughter ran to her and hugged her. She was soo happy to get the warmth of her hug.Finally, she found the bliss of happiness.Her daughter was with her and she felt the world with her again and found herself living again.

Nothing better than being with mom


How much ever we love any one else , nothing can reach the level of our love for our MOM.

No one can replace a mom.When ever am not able to find out what exactly am feeling , she tells me and yes always she is right . When am out of words ,she express it .And how is it so ? Is it magic ?

Its not a joke, mom knows everything, they know why we are sad  , why we are happy and why we are confused too and even when we lie to them. They know everything. God has made moms special I think. Every mom , feels the same affection to their kids , some shows it  , some doesn’t.

I always love to cuddle near my mom , that is like heaven. No comfort place can beat the warmth and love we get near our mom. Whenever I visit my mom , she prepares me all the lovely foodies which  I like and she buys me some cutie earrings or any other things and keeps it  as a surprise for me. It makes me feel like a school going kid again and again.

Whatever happens in our life, even if its our mistake only a mom can support ,no one has such big heart than a lovely mom. How much ever we get time to spend with mom , its never enough, we crave for more and more n more.The most we fight is also with the same person we love the most, because I always fight with her for everything and anyways end up listening to what she likes me to do.

I now realize , how much she loves me, how much she cares for me ,after being a mom.