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an echo from inside….

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Be my eyes to the world

Be my ears, to listen to the world

Feel me in your palms

As you caress, I feel the heartbeat

echoing in my ears

budding a smile in my closed eyes

Being in you overjoys me

as your eyes long to see me

your heartbeat renders a sweet music to my ears

helping me to survive the deep slumber

before I get to see your world. 

— echoed my little baby in my womb.



Romance and Musings

The wait for the life to bloom


Amidst nature, on the lonely bench, among the crowd, she sat

gazing at the amazing nature, wondering how God created everything so beautiful around her

She sat recollecting her fond memories, her memories that created a new her

a new life

a new perspective

a new vision

as she closed her eyes, enjoying her most lovable moments

she recollected the warmth of his arms and the love in his eyes

In the most memorable moments in their life

he asked her ” I want to have a life with you, I want a life out of you that is created with all our love”

All she could do was smile and say “yes” to him

And as she opened her eyes, there he was caressing her womb, the life that was growing inside her

the love creation, the love that bonded them forever

she sat near him, resting her head on his shoulders, and he caressed her hair and arms

giving her the comfort and strength she needed

the joy of becoming parents from life partners was an amazing joy.

Every moment, their love doubled, the way he looked at her changed

There was love in his eyes and respect

She could fall in love with him again and again

The joy of welcoming their pulse of life was at its highest

The wait for the moment to being parents was the amazing moments of life.

Her womb protected the life and his hands gave the warmth needed.

Together they waited for the flower of life to bloom.

Romance and Musings

To the princess -Who is teaching me motherhood


I was a wanderer, lost in thoughts and dreams

It was me who wanted to get out of the world and fall in love with nature and forget the world around me.

Little did I knew what the heaven was and what a blessing was,

The moment you arrived in my womb, everything changed, I was someone whom I never knew.

The days and months were the barriers among us, the wait was intolerable.

Never ever realized I could wait for someone, I have never seen

The pain was negligible, with the thought of your first sight

I prayed for the strength and blessing for the first time in my life just to witness your arrival into my world from your home which you made in my womb.

We played with each other all those nine months.

At times I wondered, how do you manage inside me 

I remember the soft hands and legs that moved inside me, giving me some sleepless nights, I knew you just wanted me to know that you were there with me

The moment was the most cherishable one in my life when you came and kept you soft dewdrop like hands on me and sucked the very first drop of milk.

The mom in me was hiding somewhere deep in the dungeons of my heart, which came alive and up.

I see you grow, take your first steps, I fought with the World when someone criticized you, and I will still do that

Growing up, we are fighting like kids do, am becoming a more like a typical mom with all the tantrums like all other moms, forgive me if you feel am not making you feel special.Am a like a lost child who don’t know what to do next as you are my live exam, for which I am not prepared.

I stumble and fall attimes on head or hands yet am managing my very best to be a mom . Forgive me for my ignorance , as you know this is both new for me and you

On your birthday today, the only thing I want to tell you is ” I love you always and forever”

Thank you, my little princess, for making me realize my strengths when I thought I reached the horizon of my dreams and strength, adding more to my wings and helping me fly higher.


Romance and Musings

Kids learn faster !!!



“Mama , Ola ” ,  I turned to her in astonishment . Yes , of course that was a Spanish word she said.

There was no other guess , she learnt  it from her favorite cartoon ‘Pocoyo’ . I do know that , because I have seen her watching Spanish episodes, sometimes French , or German nowadays even Chinese, but never expected her to learn it. It happens that whenever we are busy , we leave her to watch cartoon in the iPad and that led her to become quite a good expert on touchscreen.

She selects you tube on her own and selects her favorite cartoon to watch .As kids are not specific about language , they watch anything. 🙂 She showed me that language is never a barrier to learn or understand something. 

Kids are quite good at learning our fast growing technology and trends. They get to know many things , which we might not have seen or noticed. Once I noticed her do something on our mobile and something appeared on the screen, but after trying several times , we were not able to replay it. Then we had to observe what exactly she had done, only then we could do it.

Its funny , but that is the truth, kids are learning a lot and faster.They notice better than us and feel everything around them is important for them. They have the enthusiasm to learn which the older generation has lost.

I have heard the story of the mythological character Abhimanyu , son of Arjun and Subadra in Mahabharata , who learns to enter the Chakravuyh, while he was in his mother’s womb.As a mother, I have felt the movements my lil girl made when I used to talk to her whileshe was inside me.I wonder what knowledge must have been imparted to the infant inside the womb who just hear whats going around in the outside world.

The true way of learning is by imagination. In schools , kids learn pretend games and that help them to grow their  imagination a lot , beyond their boundaries.We should encourage them , so that ,their knowledge will become a source for them to the outer world. Let them get inspired by the nature, who is the true Teacher.

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” 
― Albert Einstein