Romance and Musings

Imperfectly Pure Sin

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Be the imperfectly perfect sin 

I entreat the most

If I am the sin for you

love me more like you sin

be never rigid to hold back

let me let you slip and fall in me

sinning the way, like never before

love me every day, like being alluring

swill me in 

force my attention, upholding my fervour

let the pain of staying away subside as we unite

all I wish is we sin together

dissolving in each other, until death parts our ways



Musing and Thoughts · Romance and Musings

Like the snow-filled nights’ aches for the sun-filled mornings

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miles apart

distance kills me more like never before

sometimes it is hard to seek 

walk through this … every moment is killing me inside

I just want to dance with you

in your arms, 

take my last breath in your arms, looking into your eyes

that deeply knows me…

you are the road to my home 

as I know how much I long for it

as soon as we part our ways 

once in the blue moon, as I close my eyes

my dreams come true, 

you are the light of my darkness

with you, I adore the darkness 

as under the clouds of the darkness

you make love to me…

discovering more in me and more of me

I love the moaning when you are the pain 

as you let me go away

all I want to do is come back to you.

Like the snow cold nights aches for the sun-filled morning.