Romance and Musings

Debt of love


Wrinkles on her face was the

lines that came through her tough times

the weary eyes were the ones that had seen thousands of dreams become true and shattered

the strong hands that could still hold the walking stick had helped many to walk around

the silver hair is the once which came along as the wisdom grew with age

the weary legs had walked miles to fulfill many dreams

yet the eyes now has a long wait

a long pause that is undefined

the heat yearning for attentions

the hands eagerly waiting to hold a hand to walk

the lips waiting to open up and speak

the eyes are always focussed on the roads that led to the window

the old eyes sat there waiting for the sunshine to appear

the sunshine she waited for years to come ever since she came there

the love and the warmth she is longing for

the care the old ones gave when their children were young

it was the time to let them repay their debt

the debt of love

the debt that no money can repay ever

the old hands were abandoned, yet they never cursed the young ones

their blessings showered all along

yet the young ones never realized the power of their love

the lost love, that never came to existence for them.

Romance and Musings

Silver-haired woman


She walked close by

checking her closely

she touched her hands

it was different unlike other skins she touched

the skin had so many wrinkles, yet soft

she loved to watch her move around

her silver hairs were her major attraction

she caressed the silver lines tenderly

she popped on the bed, to get a closer look

she was received with a smile

from the old face

she got down from the bed,

and played with her stick

talking to her endlessly for hours

yet she never knew that none of her words could reach her ears

she lingered around her, playing and smiling at her

she smiled at her glimpse

and enjoyed being her great-grandchild.