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Unknown edges collide…

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Boundless joy

I cherish

the moment I am with you…

Until you arrived

life was monotonous to my soul

you came like a glitter

that let me sparkle forever…

even when I burn,

it was under the heat you shower on me

even the coldest winter

made me sweat

when I am lost in you

discovering the unknown edges of you.




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I fell in love

As my words never stumbled, when you heard them

I fell in love

As you never interrupted me, when I speak them

I fell in love

As you only interrupted me, with a kiss

I fell in love

As it was you, I was just myself.

numerous reason, flash by my thoughts, yet it was just not that

made me fall in love with you

every other second ticked by,

you fondled my scars, my unshaped curves

yet you loved me,

your eyes, contemplated at me

as if I was a prize to be cherished.

you make feel like I always wished for.





Wilderness to be savoured

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As my eyes look at you

I feel like looking at myself

a reflection of me

exist in you

as I look at you

I forget the world around me

all I need are those warm hugs

that excites me to the core

when I look at you

I feel like the world ceased for me

to be just yours,

as I see only you

blindfolded away from the outside world

only your voice reverberates in my ears

am I crazy, or it’s just the wilderness in me

craving to be savoured by you.

I love the darkness that you bring in

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Shadow me with your presence

Let me take a leap into you

you are the only one, my skin adorns

you are the only cloak I love to wear

love me like you bring me alive

touch me the way, you perspire my inner desires

worshipping each other as the embodiment of love

plunge into me, like you drink me up

I wanna be hooked up in you forever

as nothing could take my mind off from you

your love blind me, yet I love the darkness it bestows

as I see the light, better than ever with you in it.


Engrossed in me,as if I was crafted for you…

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The proximity of your body

excites mine,

invigorating my soul to propel

myself on to you

like magnets attracting

an aroma propels that magically bounds our souls

entwining in each other’s arms,

I forget the world, who shut away from me

as I close my eyes, where I see only you

engrossed in me, as if I am the only one

crafted for you.



The more I see, my heart floods with love…

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You let me never defeat,

You walk beside me, upholding my courage

as you save me from drowning in my fears

I grab on to you, as you are the last resort for me,

you are the fulfilling promise of my life

that fills in me the blooming flowers

with you, a life is my dream

a dream, that I yearn the most

the more I see you,

my heart floods with love

unable to harness my feelings

my words trigger my fingers to open it, in the blank pages of my life

where your love is filling in all the colours

building a nest in my heart, you are living in me

like forever mine.

Born to be entwined

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Away as I go,

Leaving you to drift away

I kept looking back

even when I was strong enough to hold on

it is never easy, as I ever thought it would be

as we outgrew each other from the same root

slowly and steadily, entangling into a single soul

I couldn’t cut the roots away, as it began to bleed

even before the knife touched it

I let the branches outgrow to be a full-grown tree

that gifted the world, the fruit of true love.